Somewhere in between

Gorgeous colors hang in the air.  The temperature is just right – cool air coupled with warm sunshine.  It’s a thank-the-Lord kind of day; one that calls for flung open arms, wide open eyes, and mouths turned up into a smile.  The wind sends whispers of home,  of dry corn stalks ready for picking, of a carpet of leaves ready to be raked next to the house on the hill.  Another leaf releases its grasp and floats to the ground.  The colors fade to brown.

The air smells of winter.  Sharp.  Clean.  With lots of space.  Space that had previously been taken up by the crowds of creatures that come with summer.  The blue, blue sky gazes down at the trees that stand stark and bare, with only the occasional cluster of leaves huddled at the top.  The breeze has a bite to it, one that crawls inside your jacket and seeps into your bones.  The change is coming.

November is a month that has two faces.

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