Thievery of Literary Proportions

I have become a book thief.  Liesel Elizabeth Meminger, that’s me.  My fingers itch to capture books wherever I can find them.

I pilfered a pile from the McCreary County volunteer house.  Jane Austen?  I’ll take that.  Some young adult, dragon-riding, evil-slaying literature?  Oh yeah, sounds good.  Stephen King?  Don’t know if that’s my thing, but I’ve been wanting to try that out.  The Jungle?  I could read that again.  Charles Dickens?  I always need some Dickens on the shelf and A Tale of Two Cities is sooo great!

I caught a case of sticky fingers at Op-Share (a big CAP warehouse where various places send donations).  I dug through boxes and boxes – Nay! – Pallets! of books.    The boxes had a lot of duds, but every now and then, I dug up a piece of treasure.  Speaking of treasure, I read Treasure Island so long ago that I don’t even remember it.  I’ll take that. What’s this?  More Jane Austen?  The Jackson House could always use more Austen. Lord of the Flies?  Not my favorite, but a good quality book to add to the J-hood bookshelf.  Holy cow pies!  A whole pallet full of copies of Divergent!  I have to say, I think that one of these was meant for me.

I burgled some books from the office and from camp.  Mostly YA novels.  Anne of Green Gables?  Let’s face it, every quality bookshelf needs some L.M. Montgomery.  Historical fiction about Chinese immigrants working on a railroad in the mountains?  I’ll try it.  A story about an evil mermaid?  Never heard of one of those.  Might be a little silly, but I’m up for some light-hearted entertainment.

I’ve even stolen books from my own housemates.  On one particular hunt, I found a lonely pile of extra books lying on a shelf in the guest room.  I think they’re Paige’s, but I’m really not sure and I don’t bother to ask.  The Shack.  I’ve heard of it.  Might not be my type of book, but I need something to read.  I’ll try it.  A YA novel in which two youngsters crack a secret code?  I’ll read that, too.

Yup.  I’m a thief.  A serious, bona-fide, 100% thief of books.  I just can’t help it.


(Okay, okay, maybe I’ll return the books when I’m done…)